From Sam’s Club to Under Armour

Under Armour Building 47

Welcoming new Port Covington…

…or “What a difference a decade makes.”

For nearly a decade the defunct Sam’s Club “big box” store stood empty as a symbol of what Port Covington was envisioned to be – but failed to become.

Sams' Club Port Covington is Closed

The resurrection of this abandoned building is but one part of the revitalization of the “new” Port Covington. This time the vision will become reality, of that we are certain. Kevin Plank the CEO of Under Armour, and a Baltimore Billionaire, has vision, the dollars and the “clout” to make it happen.

under armour sams club building facade

A recent (March, 2016) public announcement pretty well sums up what is about to be. Visit the developer’s “official” website at for current information. IN addition, here is a great article in “The Achitect’s Newspaper”about the unique rebuilding of this old “box –

Port Covington

Walmat at Port Covington

In mid-2002, the world’s largest retailer, Wal-Mart (, opened its first Baltimore City store at Port Covington on the South Baltimore peninsula, just south of Locust Point. Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club were the first retailers to locate in the new (in ’02) Port Covington Shopping Center, a 60-acre waterfront site on East Cromwell Street. Several hundred City jobs were created when the 142,000 square foot Wal-Mart and the 130,000 square foot Sam’s Club opened their doors. Sams' Club Port Covington is ClosedThis strategically-located retail development at the site of a former City rail yard had come a long way – has stumbled along the way, and has a long way yet to go. The Sam’s Club closed and has been vacant for several years, which is definitely not a good sign. Or it may be a sign of things to come…

Now there are plans underway to bring about a grand renaissance to this section of the South Baltimore Peninsula, Port Covington. People are actively working to implement those “plans” and are moving forward to Port Covington a productive part of the Baltimore economy for the Twenty-First Century. The Port Covington Maritime Center at Winan’s Cove, already a reality, contains the popular boat and yacht repair service, Tidewater Yacht Service Center. The Sam’s club is being rebuilt as offices for the world-renowned Under Armour and ground has recently bee broken for the Sagmore Distillery.

In addition to commercial development we will soon (two years or so?) see much activity in residential real estate development. Beautiful new townhome, apartments and/or condominiums will be built, expanding the availability of first-class waterfront and water-view homes on Baltimore’s Southside.

NOTE: Walmart recently (January, 2016) closed the Port Covington Walmart and announced the closing of many other stores!

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