West Covington Park

West Covington Park Entrance Sign

West Covington Park Is for People and Wildlife.

west-covington-narrative-signIn 2007, the National Aquarium (Baltimore Aquarium) began reclaiming this site for the people and wildlife. Today, what used to be a wasteland has been transformed into a public park. A welcoming plaque/sign encourages people to “Please enjoy and respect the plantings, wildlife, trails, pier and overlooks on the Patapsco River.”

Attractive signage describes and informs the reader about the park and its various features.

west covington park restoring space

All of the trees, shrubs and flowers around you were planted for a reason – to reestablish a place for wildlife to flourish. Wildlife and people need the same things: water, food and shelter. Birds in particular are in need of proper habitat.”

West Covington Park Shoreline and Smokestack

This view of the south shoreline of West Covington Park was from the vantage point of an overlook on the Patapsco River.

west-covington-police-emergencyThis view of the historic and architecturally significan, but crumbling, Hanover Street Bridge/Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge is marred only by one of three police EMERGENCY call box towers in the park. Are these really needed?